What to look for in a corporate travel agency utravel June 12, 2023

What to look for in a corporate travel agency






At Utravel, we understand that a successful business trip demands stress-free, relaxed and comfortable travel, so we do our best to deliver.

Whether you’re looking for help planning complex itineraries or securing the best accommodations, we focus on your corporate travel arrangements so you can focus on your objectives.

As a corporate travel agency, we can take care of all of the essential bookings and arrangements, while also anticipating your needs at every step of the way. But there are a few things to look for from your chosen supplier if you are looking to use a business like Utravel. 

Since we want our business clients to have the best corporate travel experience possible, we have put together this guide to the perfect corporate travel agency which goes some way to outline how our team of expert coprorate travel agents would go about taking care of you, should you decide to join us. 

Read on to find out more!

Our expert approach to corporate travel

We take time to understand your needs

Before we start planning for your next corporate trip, it’s crucial that we understand your exact requirements so that we can meet your expectations. In fact, this is the most important aspect of corporate travel plans, as it gives us a chance to truly understand your needs and make sure that the arrangements we make are suitable.

Whether you decide to give us control of your trip from start to finish, or you need some assistance in managing certain aspects of it, we will take the time to understand your needs before we get started on doing any of the planning.

The first step in getting to know you and your needs will be understanding your travel preferences – for instance, your preferred seat on a plane, dietary preferences, frequent flyer numbers or hotel membership numbers. We will also act as a travelling concierge for you, making sure we keep tabs on things like your ID expiration date to make sure you never un into any hiccups while on your business trips.

We can also play an active role in advising you on your business’s corporate travel policy and will strictly adhere to it once it’s signed off. This all contributes to your peace of mind, by reassuring you that plans are being arranged ‘by the book’. 

We are proactive

That leads us onto the next key element of corporate travel planning. We will always be proactive and make sure to stay on track with travel patterns to keep your corporate travel as streamlined as possible. Getting to know where and how often you travel for work is part of what makes Utravel a stand out business travel agency.

By anticipating your demands ahead of time, we can ensure that you are well quipped to arrange the booking smoothly and in a time effective way, as and when the travel requests comes through. This is especially important if the executives in your company are travelling to obscure and remote destinations and small towns that are not so easy to get to.

By identifying your needs in advance, we can efficiently plan your trip.

We respect your budget

If you have a set budget for your business trip, our specialist corporate travel agents will make sure to work within that and always meet your expectations. Thanks to our many connections within the industry, we are able to unlock exclusive deals that will ultimately lower the total cost of your trip.

Relying on a specialist business travel agency like Utravel gives you the peace of mind you need to know that you will never spend more than you should on flights, accommodation or even visas. So, if you have a set budget, you can rest assured we will be able to work with that.

We have reliable travel policies

Our travel policies are reliable and detailed, allowing us to always be prepared for any situation. We know plans can change – whether this is under your control or due to external circumstances – so we have taken the time to work on travel policies that would address the protocol for any given inconvenience. Though this isn’t necessarily something that will directly affect you, knowing that your chosen corporate travel agents have reliable travel policies in place will give you the peace of mind you need to know that there is always an alternative plan of action.

A travel policy also ensures you can be aware of what you’re entitled to ahead of time, eventually eliminating the risk of running into unexpected surprises at the very last minute.

We stay in the know

As a trusted corporate travel agency, we stay on top of current travel trends and new products in the market so that we can offer you the best possible experience for your next trip. Whether this is the latest swanky new hotel with attractive prices or a new app that could potentially add value to your travel experience, it’s our job to stay in the know and inform you of anything that could improve your corporate travel experience.

This also applies to the latest travel requirements and legislations. Our specialist corporate travel agents are always in the loop with the latest rules and legislations so that we can give tailored and reliable advice on things like visa requirements, country entry requirements (for instance Covid-19 entry requirements) and any related bureaucracy.

So, by trusting a specialist corporate travel agency like Utravel for your next business trip, you will be able to pass all the hassle of trip organisation and management on to one of our agents. Whether you need help understanding what’s a reasonable budget for your company’s next business trip or help you schedule your first trip to a new destination, our travel advisors will be able to help.

Why choose Utravel for your next corporate trip?

There is more to corporate travel than just booking tickets and accommodation; you will want your trip to run as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

With Utravel, you can forget the distraction of business travel management and leave it to our team of travel experts. With years of experience and industry know-how, we can anticipate, plan and implement your business trip professionally respecting your personal and corporate needs.

We are not just travel administrators, but business travel consultants with deep knowledge of travel routes, places and suppliers, which allows us to save you time and money whilst offering you an unbeatable travel experience. As corporate travel experts, in fact, we can offer a fresh, fast response to your travel needs. Should your plans change at the last minute, your dedicated account team will be on hand to provide alternative routes and accommodations to keep your plans on track.

Whether you’re a frequent sole flyer or in charge of your company’s corporate bookings, uTravel can act as your reliable, trustworthy and professional corporate travel partner. From helping perfect your business travel policies to taking care of the admin, we’ve got your trip covered.