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Utravel will save you from all the worries of booking business travel whilst negotiating with airlines and hotels for the best business trip imaginable.

You Deserve an Exceptional Business Travel Experience

At Utravel, we understand that a successful business trip demands stress-free, relaxed and comfortable travel. And we do our best to deliver.

Whether you’re looking for help planning complex itineraries or securing the best routes and accommodations, contact us today!

We focus on your corporate travel arrangements so you can focus on your objectives.

This is what I call excellent customer service and a personal touch which is lacking in Dubai generally. Thank you for your efforts, you were great and did a fantastic job. Made it look easy.
SAWSAN GHANEM Managing Director – Active PR

A business trip with Utravel is like travelling with your own personal concierge.

We're with you every step of the way, to ensure the best possible journey.

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Reasons to Choose Utravel

Dubai's Best Business Travel Agency

Every business professional knows that there's more to business travel than just booking tickets and accommodation. For your trip to go well, you need to arrive refreshed and ready so you can remain at the top of your game throughout.

Professional Travel Services

As corporate travel experts, we can offer a fresh, fast response to your travel needs. Could your plans change at the last minute? No problem. Your dedicated account team will be on hand to provide alternative routes and accommodations in order to keep your plans on track.

Personalised Itineraries

With Utravel, you can forget the distraction of business travel management. Our team of travel experts has the experience and know-how to anticipate, plan and implement your business trip professionally - according to your specific personal and corporate needs.

Reliable Business Travel Partners

Whether you're a frequent sole flyer or in charge of block corporate bookings, Utravel is your reliable, trustworthy and professional corporate travel partner. From helping perfect your business travel policies to taking care of the admin, we've got your trip covered.

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Got a Question?

Check out our handy Q&A for answers to some of the most common questions: 

1. Why should our company use your business travel agency?

Our business travel agency is built to streamline and enhance your travel experience. We offer personalized service, cost-effective solutions, and access to a vast network of travel options tailored to your business needs. Whether it’s securing flights, accommodations, or coordinating group travel, we prioritize efficiency and convenience to ensure your business trips are seamless.

We leverage our industry expertise and partnerships to negotiate competitive rates on flights, hotels, and car rentals. Our tailored solutions help optimize travel budgets by identifying cost-saving opportunities without compromising on quality. Additionally, our expense management tools provide detailed reporting to track spending and identify areas for optimization. You can read more about cost savings and business travel here

Absolutely! We understand the dynamic nature of business travel and offer 24/7 support to accommodate last-minute bookings and itinerary changes. Our dedicated team is equipped to handle urgent requests promptly and efficiently, ensuring your business operations remain uninterrupted.

We offer a wide range of accommodation options, from premium hotels to serviced apartments, suited to varying preferences and budgets. Our team ensures that travelers are located conveniently near business hubs and have access to essential amenities, such as high-speed internet and meeting facilities.

The safety and security of our travelers are paramount. We provide real-time travel alerts, access to emergency assistance, and comprehensive travel insurance options. Additionally, we collaborate with trusted partners and adhere to industry standards to mitigate risks and prioritize traveler well-being.

Yes, our services are highly adaptable to your company’s unique travel requirements. We offer customizable travel policies, dedicated account managers, and reporting tools to optimize your travel program. This approach ensures that your business receives tailored solutions aligned with your objectives and preferences. Furthermore, we always align our services with your own travel policies. Need your travel policy revising or looking for advice to create a new one? Speak to us about developing a robust business travel policy as this is one of our areas of speciality. 

Of course! In fact, we specialize in managing group travel logistics for events, conferences, and team retreats. From coordinating group bookings to arranging ground transportation, our team simplifies the process and ensures that your group travels efficiently and comfortably. Find out more about how we can help you at our dedicated corporate events travel page here.  

Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to our team to discuss your business travel needs. We’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements and tailor a solution that enhances your travel experience while maximizing value for your company. Contact us today to explore how we can streamline and simplify your business travel policies and administration for greater business and traveler outcomes.