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Disclaimer: While Utravel facilitates visa processing for corporate clients, individuals requiring visas should directly engage with embassies or authorized agencies as per the authorities' guidelines.

Our History and Beliefs

Utravel has been one of Dubai’s leading travel agencies for over 20 years.

Our founder’s family travelled the world from a young age, growing up in Jordan and moving to live in Montreal as a teenager, then onward to Dubai years later. Our love of travel is what drives us to provide our customers with the best experiences in the world.

We understand that the best travel experience is about more than just a great destination, so we aim to make every part of the process equally enjoyable.

We take the stress out of the situation and use techniques and technology we’ve developed over the years to speed up the process and lower the cost. Just let your account manager know where you need to go and when, they do all the work, and Utravel.

We Adhere to International Air Transport Association Standards

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Utravel

Our services can be tailored to your most specific requirements.

Development of corporate travel policies to maximise cost efficiency.

Processes streamlined over decades including quotation, reservation, approvals and compliance, for maximum time efficiency.

Strong backend technology ensures rapid deployment of travel plans and accurate tracking, analysing and reporting of activities.

Our comprehensive, flexible solutions are built on decades of expertise and insights to deliver the ultimate travel experience.

Dedicated rapid response account managers that save your time.

Powerful SOS technology that assures protection in every situation.

Thorough documentation from quotation to invoice customised to your cost centres, departments, projects and unique requirements.

Our experts are trained to the highest standards to ensure you get what you want, when you want, with no stress and in less time.

We have strong relationships throughout the travel industry from airlines to charters, chauffeurs, accommodation, and much more.

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