The role of corporate travel agents – why choose Utravel? Dani Pisciottano December 19, 2023

The role of corporate travel agents – why choose Utravel?

In today’s fast-paced world, the most dynamic businesses are the ones succeeding. As companies attempt to expand their reach to a global market, efficiency is paramount. Particularly when it comes to sending employees abroad on work trips or inviting foreign investors over for a pitch, travel becomes a huge part of the global expansion plans of a company. However, being able to regularly travel to meet clients or potential partners can be challenging, particularly if you decide to do this in-house. That’s where a specialist corporate travel agency comes in, offering you the help you need to organise your next trip from start to finish.

At Utravel, our expert travel agents can spare you from all the worries of booking business travel, taking care of all the organization for the best business trip imaginable. In this article, we dissect the role of corporate travel agents to understand if they can help you organise seamless travel for your business expansion and global reach. We explore the invaluable role of corporate travel agents, shedding light on how these professionals play a crucial part in ensuring smooth and successful business journeys.

Why do companies need corporate travel agents?

As companies expand their reach globally, the need for seamless and well-managed corporate travel becomes increasingly vital. Corporate travel has evolved significantly over time, with businesses operating on a global scale and tapping into new markets. Navigating the complexities of booking flights, accommodations, and transportation for employees requires a level of expertise that personal assistants may not have. Our business travel agents are well-versed in the intricacies of the travel industry – from understanding airline policies to navigating visa requirements. We have the expertise needed to plan and execute seamless business trips, ultimately reducing costs, and lowering the potential risk of travel-related issues.

At Utravel, we excel in time management, efficiently handling the time-consuming tasks of researching, booking and coordinating travel arrangements. So, if you choose to leave the travel planning to a specialist agency like us, you can focus on your core responsibilities and leave the travel logistics in capable hands.

Here are some of the perks of choosing a corporate travel agency besides time management and organisation:

Corporate travel agents are adept at securing cost-effective travel options through their relationships with airlines, hotels, and other service providers. A specialist business travel agent will negotiate favorable rates for your trips and ensure that you receive the best value for your budget.

Bespoke service
Travel agents specialize in providing personalized solutions based on the unique needs of each business. Whether it’s arranging complex itineraries, managing group bookings, or ensuring compliance with company travel policies, at Utravel we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

Round-the-clock support
Corporate travel agents offer extensive support and customer assistance, crucial in the event of emergencies, flight cancellations, or unforeseen travel disruptions. This level of support ensures that business travelers can navigate challenges with minimal impact on their schedules.

From online booking platforms to travel management software, having transparency on your corporate travel has never been easier. A specialist business travel agent will be able to give you real-time updates, improving overall efficiency.

What makes us stand out?

Corporate travel covers more than just booking tickets and accommodation. As corporate travel experts, we can offer a fresh, fast response to your travel needs thanks to a dedicated account team that can be on hand to keep your plans on track. By leaving the trip planning to one of our corporate travel agents, you can forget the distraction of business travel and leave the tedious organisation to us so you can focus on your business objectives.

Our expertise, industry knowledge, and commitment to efficiency make us a valuable asset for companies navigating the complexities of corporate travel, allowing you to focus on what matters most – driving the success of your company.

Whether you’re a frequent sole flyer or in charge of block corporate bookings, Utravel is your reliable, trustworthy and professional corporate travel partner. And, if you read more reasons to chose us as your corporate travel partners, make sure to read our latest article on corporate travel planning for business growth.