Professionals Can Fly Greener and Travel Smarter with the Right Business Travel Agency utravel May 14, 2024

Professionals Can Fly Greener and Travel Smarter with the Right Business Travel Agency

As businesses in Dubai increasingly prioritize sustainability, the need for eco-friendly travel options has never been greater. Fortunately, leading airlines are stepping up their commitments to reducing emissions and environmental impact. By partnering with a Dubai-based business travel provider like Utravel, companies can easily identify and book flights with the greenest airlines – while also optimizing their travel patterns to minimize their overall carbon footprint.

Most polluted through aviation

Recent research shows that London is the world’s most polluted city for aviation, with six major airports contributing to significant emissions. In terms of cities affected most by air pollution from aviation, Dubai is also at the top of the list. This should serve as a warning that as Dubai’s popularity as a travel destination grows, the city needs to proactively address the environmental impact of increased aviation activity.

Dubai on the global stage

Dubai has emerged as the top global destination for corporate travelers, currently outpacing London which was the number one city for business travel in 2019. In fact, Dubai has recovered to 114% of its 2019 travel levels, making it the second most recovered city in the Middle East and the fifth most recovered city in the world. This underscores the importance for Dubai-based businesses to prioritize sustainable air travel.

“Businesses in Dubai today are under immense pressure to demonstrate their commitment to the environment,” said Utravel CEO Basel Abu Alrub. “By helping our clients select airlines that are leading the charge on sustainability and optimizing their travel patterns, we enable them to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and communicate their green credentials to stakeholders.”

Meeting client’s sustainability objectives

One key sustainability objective that Utravel helps clients achieve is minimizing the overall number of journeys to cut emissions. The University of Edinburgh’s Sustainable Travel Policy, for example, states this as a core approach.

To support this goal, an effective business travel agency that takes sustainability seriously should be able to:

  • Provide data and analytics to clients on their travel patterns and emissions, helping them identify opportunities to reduce unnecessary trips.
  • Offer sustainable travel planning that optimizes trip routing and transportation modes to minimize the total number of journeys required.
  • Help clients incentivize their employees to choose the most direct and efficient travel options, such as nonstop flights, to reduce the overall number of flights and connections.

Environmental accreditations

Utravel keeps a close eye on airline omissions so that it is able to advise on the most environmentally conscious companies accordingly. For instance, it has identified that Dubai-based Emirates has created a $200 million sustainable aviation fund to finance research and development into sustainable fuel and other green initiatives. Etihad Airways recently operated its “most sustainable flight ever” with a 72% reduction in emissions. And Delta Air Lines aims to reach net zero emissions by 2050 through initiatives like fleet modernization and sustainable aviation fuel procurement.

“The aviation industry is undergoing a major transformation, with carriers large and small prioritizing environmental impact reduction,” said Abu Alrub. “With a dependable and knowledgeable business travel partner at their side, Dubai-based clients will be able to book more flights with the greenest airlines, while also implementing strategies to minimize their overall travel footprint.

“This is important for demonstration their commitment to sustainability targets and acquiring certification such as ISO14001 and BCorp.”

No longer a ‘nice to have’

In addition to airline selection and travel optimization, Utravel also helps Dubai clients implement other sustainable travel practices. This includes suggesting economy class seating, especially on short-haul flights (which has a lower carbon footprint than premium cabins), packing light to reduce weight, and offsetting unavoidable emissions through verified carbon offset programs.

“Sustainable air travel is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a business imperative, especially for Dubai companies,” concluded Abu Alrub. “Utravel is proud to be at the forefront of this movement, empowering our Dubai clients to make more eco-friendly choices and reduce their environmental impact through every flight and every journey.”